Whole Home Audio

Enjoy Your Music in Every Room of Your Home!

A home seems to be more colorful with music. Digital Living makes it easy to enjoy your favorite music wherever you are in your home. From just one room to the complete property, you can easily enjoy and control your multi-zone, affordable whole home audio system from the touch of your device or mobile phone.

Distributed Home Audio

From listening to your favorite songs, your media experience should continue even when you leave your room. At Digital Living, our mission is to connect your music everywhere in your home through a whole home audio system, whether you’re cooking in your kitchen, enjoying a long hot shower, or working out by the swimming pool.
Easily controlled and aesthetically concealed, you can now play your songs at just the press of a button from anywhere in your home. This is what entertainment should really be!
Enjoy music throughout your home and even on the patio

Discreet & Elegant

A top-quality audio system can take up plenty of space in a room. The system itself can be huge, and it’s always challenging to ensure that all of the wires and plugs are in the right place.
With a whole home audio system, you can conceal speakers inside the walls. Since everything is connected to a single system in one space, there’s really no need for heavy equipment in each room. Keep your space clean, neat, and free of tangled wires.
Digital Living Sonoma Napa Marin surround sound and whole house music speakers

Easy Controls

With the numerous options, whole home audio systems offer you, you might think the controls will be too complex. But they are pretty simple, and we develop the controls depending on your requirements. We don’t want to waste your time going through lengthy manuals or figuring out how to play your favorite playlist.
You can simply use your mobile device, whether that’s a tablet or smartphone, or perhaps you would like a separate touchscreen or a smart remote. There are several options, and we will get the one that works best for you!

Host the Perfect Party

Having a whole home audio system helps you create the perfect party scene. All you have to do is create a playlist of your favorite songs and play it when your guests arrive. You can even play different songs in different rooms for everyone in the party to enjoy and feel like they’re in the middle of a nightclub!
Digital Living will bring your patio, deck or pool area alive with and outdoor speaker system.

Enjoy Your Music Without Any Interruptions

Finally, these whole home audio systems work on wireless communication. This means you don’t need to worry about your music stopping each time you get a new notification or receive a text message. Rather, you can scroll through your mobile and keep your songs playing at the same time.

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