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Chime is the first video doorbell designed for the Control4 smart home. With Chime, homeowners can see and talk to visitors at the front door from the Control4 mobile app or touchscreen while controlling any smart home feature imaginable. Chime delivers everything you’d expect from a video doorbell, plus so much more by leveraging the power of the smart home to deliver convenience, security, and peace of mind.

  • Video doorbell that fully integrates with Control4 Smart Home
  • 5MP camera with natural two-way audio
  • 180-degree field view, night mode and IR LEDs
  • History view with event and video playback
  • PoE & Wi-Fi versions
  • Available in Satin Nickel and Black finishes


Whether you’re in the home or on-the-go, receive notifications. While communicating with visitors at the front door, control your smart home from your Control4 mobile app without leaving the call – instantly turn on the lights, disarm the alarm, or open the garage door. Customize what homeowners can control in their smart home with orchestrated scenes or automated events. If a visitor arrives, disable the alarm, turn on the light, and unlock the door with a “Welcome scene”. Or, automatically program Chime to start recording if there’s movement in the driveway after midnight.

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If you choose to ignore the door or you just miss a notification, no problem. Smart Home OS 3 lets you go back and watch video clips right from the Control4 mobile app or touchscreens. And not only can you see what happened at the front door, but it also provides a History View of what happened in your smart home throughout the day. See who came to the door, when a package was delivered, when the security system was armed, and so much more.


Stunning 5MP HD video quality promises homeowners won’t miss a thing, and built-in night mode captures footage as clear as if it was taken during broad daylight. Plus, a 180-degree field view makes sure every inch of the property is secure.


Homeowners can even use Chime to talk to others inside the house. It’s easy to broadcast a message to other Control4 touchscreens in the house that dinner is ready or call into touchscreens from your phone while you’re on-the-go. And now that Intercom Anywhere is becoming part of the OS 3 mobile app with phones, the experience is even more powerful.


Beyond the immediate convenience of seeing who’s at the door, Chime enables homeowners to monitor their property 24/7. Chime stores seven days of video event recordings in the cloud for playback through the mobile app or Control4 touchscreens. For homes with comprehensive surveillance systems, you can pair Chime to record to a local NVR such as a Luma Surveillance NVR for access to recordings beyond seven days.


Advanced motion detection with five adjustable zones and sensitivity controls protect critical areas of the property while reducing false notifications caused by faraway traffic or passersby. For example, customers may want a snapshot notification when someone steps on the porch, but simply begin recording without a notification when there’s movement in the yard.


Chime can be installed on every Control4 Smart Home, enabling you to give every customer more peace of mind and control.

  • Wi-Fi model can be powered by a standard doorbell transformer for retrofit applications
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) model is perfect for new construction


Don’t let your clients add an unsightly plastic video doorbell to their stylish smart home. Unlike competitors, Chime is tastefully designed with a black or satin nickel finish to fit the luxurious appearance of a smart home.


Consumers want a professionally installed video doorbell. Installation and configuration is fast and easy using Composer Pro. Program five adjustable motion zones, set up customer alert notifications with camera snapshots via mobile push notifications, adjust camera settings, and program scenes and automatic events to happen with Control4 – all from Composer Pro.


To make post-install troubleshooting easy, Chime integrates with OvrC, our free remote monitoring and management system. Monitor the health status of your client’s Chime and receive notifications if there’s an issue – all 100% remotely from an easy-to-use mobile or web app. Together, Chime and OvrC help you provide proactive customer service from anywhere in the world.

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Control4 OS3


The benefits of integrated smart home technology are virtually endless, and Control4 makes living in your home more enjoyable and easier to operate. Digital Living makes it seamless with professional installation and maintenance.

  • Monitor home security systems from across town when we’re stuck at the office.​
  • Push notifications and video when visitors approach our front door, and we can communicate with them without even opening the door.​
  • Control lights all around our home with a simple voice command


Control4 Smart Home OS 3, smart home operating system is designed to control hundreds of connected devices across the home and control them all from a single platform. Homeowners also can personalize their app and settings, along with knowing their system runs smoothly with Digital Living’s Award Winning Service when needed. 

1) A smart home OS combines other smart devices and makes it easy to control from one interface

Control4’s mart home OS creates a truly intelligent home by supporting and controlling products across all categories of electronics, appliances, and systems in your home (or at least most of them). For example, the Control4 product line includes:

  • Smart Lighting
  • security cameras
  • a video door station
  • a smart thermostat
  • universal remotes
  • multi-room music and video
  • home theater audio and control
  • Irrigation
  • Access Control


All of these individual devices are then combined so the  Control4 Smart Home OS— can deliver their functionality in a unified manner. 

Control4 Smart Home OS is compatible with over 13,500 third-party products like smart sprinkler systems, pool controls, smart locks, and more. Working with a Control4 pro like Digital Living, ensures your home delivers the power and ease of Control4.

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Control4 is the leading smart home integration platform offered today. It allows for complete control over your home and adds tremendous value, control and ultimately changes how you live in your home. Check out how this professional athlete enjoys his Control4 system.

Brisbane Broncos Captain, Darius Boyd talks about his experience working with the Electronic Living team during the renovations on his family home in Darius Boyd shares his Control4 smart home experience, delivered by the Electronic Living team!

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Adding IFTTT is a Game Changer For Control4 Users

Control4 the leader in complete home automation solutions is now offering IFTTT to the their customers will now blend the best of professional and DIY home automation with a new feature called When/Then, which allows consumers to personalize their own smart-home systems after a professional installer sets it up. Think IFTTT (if this, then that) but for 10,000-plus devices that Control4 supports.

“We’ve been hearing for a long time that home owners want to make adjustments after they’ve lived with their systems,” says Brad Hintze, senior director of product marketing for Control4. “We think we’ve struck a good balance between the quality and reliability of a professionally installed system with the hands-on capabilities that consumers have wanted.”

Once the installer walks away, users can make adjustments like creating lighting scenes, setting up automation schedules, or programming text alerts for certain events and more…

Users can program thens to be as simple as sending a text message when the door is unlocked, or as complicated as launching a morning scene that ramps up the lights, opens the shades and turns the television on to CNN.

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Digital Living is an Authorized Control4 Dealer serving the Northern California region including the greater Sacramento area.

Two major players in the home theater and smart home market are joining forces to streamline integration among products, while increasing options for builders and integrators.

Control4 and Denon have been in the forefront of home theater – audio and smart home control for years and now they have entered a partnership to open Denon’s smart product line to Control4’s dealers, meaning builders can get all their automation and entertainment tech in one spot.

According to the press release, Denon has been involved in Control4’s Driver Certification Program, which aims to solve installation issues by simplifying integrations between devices.

Control 4 and Denon enter partnership to streamline integration.

Denon is not the only entertainment company in partnership with a major automation platform. Leviton and Niles both integrate easily with major automation platforms like Control4 and Elan in price ranges lower than Denon’s product line.

This new partnership between Denon and Control4 could possibly be a signal that the AV and smart home control market is finally trying to make interoperability much better for both the integrator and the end user.

Digital Living’s take is that we may see more high profile AV and control companies enter into similar agreements…although making it all work, every time, is the key for the integrator and ultimately the customer.c

Source: A Partnership to Increase Smart Offerings