Outdoor Living Patio & Pool Audio Video

There is nothing more fun than a summer night’s pool party with Pink Floyd playing through outdoor speakers or an impromptu screening of a classic movie on your outdoor TV. To create the ideal outdoor pool audio video escape, contact Digital Living today!

Get More Out of Your Backyard

When you invest in an outdoor pool audio video system by Digital Living, you will discover several new ways to use your backyard. For instance, work out next to the pool or swim laps while you play some energizing songs on your outdoor speakers.
You can even pair your audio system with an outdoor TV and watch a movie under the night sky or host a karaoke night. Plus, with an outdoor pool audio video system, you can stream a sports match outdoors so you can grill without missing out on the game.

Ready to Use

There’s no need to drag out cords, speakers, and media players when you have an integrated outdoor pool audio video system. With just one tap from your custom touchscreen or smartphone, you can immediately turn on your system. This way, you can play the music you like anywhere on your property. Set the mood outdoors, whether you’re working out, swimming in the pool, playing with your children, or gardening.

No Compromise on Aesthetics

You take great care of your backyard to keep it beautiful all throughout the year. We completely understand why you wouldn’t want to ruin your curated landscaping with unappealing speakers.
Fortunately for design-conscious homeowners, today’s top outdoor speakers are particularly designed to gel in with your landscaping. When integrated with your landscaping, your outdoor pool audio video system is hidden seamlessly among bushes and gardens or even disguised as rocks.
You won’t see speakers or cords jutting out of place or attracting attention from the aesthetic elements of your landscaping. Thus, you can enjoy quality audio without compromising your beautiful backyard.

Weather Resistant Outdoor Pool Audio Video

When you work with our team to install your outdoor pool audio video system, you can rest assured that it will be safe in the heat, cold, and moisture. Unlike portable sound equipment, permanent outdoor audio video solutions are designed to withstand the weather. Thus, if it starts to rain while you are using your system, you don’t need to worry about damaging your system.

Great Sound

With professionally designed and installed outdoor speakers, you can enjoy excellent sound that several portable systems wouldn’t be able to offer. Our team will factor in acoustics along with the desired volume and balance in your pool area, so you are getting excellent sound quality wherever you want to hear it on your property.

The Digital Living Difference

Digital Living has built a reputation for world-class expertise and quality for over 35 years. Our mission is to collaborate with you as a partner, offering an integrated and customized system that best fits the needs of your outdoor space.
Contact us to discuss your unique outdoor pool audio video needs, and we will walk you through the options for a customized system best suited to your budget and style.
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