Running a successful nightclub is definitely not an easy task. You have multiple areas for performing multiple tasks, not to mention a number of staff members to account for. That’s why it’s more important than ever to use digital technology to upgrade your nightclub and offer a more fun and enjoyable experience to your customers! With Digital Livings technology solutions for nightclubs, you can run a better and more profitable nightclub.

Our Solutions

Our state-of-the-art technologies create sensory experiences that keep your visitors coming back for more. We know what it takes to offer a nightclub experience that leaves people lining up one night after the other to check out what your space has to offer. From sounds to lighting, our technologies help to engage and energize crowds from the second they enter your nightclub until they step out the door. Here are some of the technology solutions we offer to nightclubs.

Play Music

Our product lines include Triad which provides a holistic range of application-based custom speaker solutions, built for particular usage. It partners with the top PARA and CEDIA dealers with the professionalism, expertise, and experience to offer you outstanding results, sonically and visually. Contact us to install Triad speakers in your nightclub today!
Plus, we can install Sonos, the wireless sound system in your nightclub so you can fill your space with songs that your guests love. You can stream it all with Wi-Fi using their top-notch app.

Security Solutions

We offer you the peace of mind you need by installing an enterprise level video surveillance system that will secure your nightclub. See who is entering your nightclub using your phone, from anywhere across the globe.
When you pick Digital Living to build and incorporate a video surveillance system into your nightclub, you get unmatched value with award-winning service.
We even offer physical security solutions so your nightclub locks up automatically when everyone leaves and you’ll also receive alerts if any door is left unlocked or if anyone is trying to trespass. In addition, you can secure a particular spot in your nightclubs with automatic door locks that alert you if someone tries to enter illegally.

Automatic Lighting and Temperature Control

We can install Savant in your nightclub so you can control the lighting and temperature in your nightclub irrespective of where you’re located. You can program the lights to automatically turn on and welcome your guests! In fact, you can even reduce energy consumption by programming your system to turn off lights in empty rooms!
With Savant Climate Control, you can remotely adjust the thermostat so people can stay comfortable as they party on the dancefloor.

Contact Digital Solutions Today!

Digital Living is an award-winning engineering, technology, and design integration company specializing in commercial and residential solutions.
We provide digital solutions such as wireless networks to video surveillance systems along with audio-video network products and component sales to nightclubs located in San Francisco Bay Area to Lake Tahoe!
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