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Just like any other industry, healthcare centers also require technological solutions for increased efficiency and better management. Digital Living offers custom-engineered technological solutions for healthcare providers. Our team works closely with you to understand your needs and then customizes solutions with the best quality technology that meets those needs.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in creating custom solutions for a variety of clients. We take your requirements and budget into consideration while planning and designing solutions, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Our Solutions

If you want to provide the best healthcare services to patients with the help of technology, Digital Living is your answer. From secure internet connectivity to audio-visual systems to technologically enhanced security systems, we take care of it all. Our solutions help your healthcare center become a state-of-the-art entity in the area. Here are some of the technological solutions we offer to healthcare providers.

Secure Wi-Fi Coverage

Internet access is one of the essential needs of any service provider, but especially healthcare centers. All information regarding patients and appointments is now stored on cloud services that require internet accessibility. Moreover, several organizational and managerial tasks are digitized for higher efficiency and security.
At Digital Living, we offer custom IT solutions and highly secure internet coverage backed by many years of experience in providing business-class IT systems. Get in touch with us now, and we’ll take care of setting up high-functioning and secure internet connectivity services.

Automatic Temperature Control & Lighting

Digital Living offers Savant installation services for your healthcare center, so you can control the temperature and lighting in your facility from any location. It offers you a remote climate control option to adjust the thermostat on each floor. You can customize the program to any setting, such as automatically switching on and off the lights. We can also program the system to automatically turn off lights in empty rooms to reduce energy consumption.

Security Solutions

Security is of the highest importance at a healthcare center. Not only do you need to keep your patients safe from any external threat, but it is equally important for healthcare providers as well. At Digital Living, we ensure that you have peace of mind when it comes to enterprise-level video surveillance systems. You can keep an eye on security remotely from your phone. We offer award-winning service with a value unlike any.
Additionally, we also offer physical security solutions such as automatic locking of doors and an alert system that notifies you about trespassing and unlocked doors. We can also program the system in a way that alerts you when someone tries to enter high-risk or unauthorized areas of the healthcare facility.

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