Digital Living is the premier and highest-rated Audio Video, Smart Home, and Security engineering team located in California. We are a licensed California contractor, insured and bonded with more than three decades of vast technology experience. At Digital Living, we make technology work!

From luxury homes to fitness centers and A-Class commercial buildings, we provide our clients with the most innovative tech solutions that enhance and upgrade their lives.

Technology Solutions for Fitness Centers

We offer the most powerful and flexible fitness center controls. The Smart Gym Control System’s electronic touch screen allows you to control all of the electrically operated equipment in your fitness center.

Play Music

Sonos is the wireless sound system that you can easily install in your fitness center and fill your space with your favorite songs. Stream it all through Wi-Fi using their top-class app. Contact us today and equip your fitness center with Sonos.

Adjust the Lighting and Temperature

Savant allows you to control the lights in your fitness center regardless of where you’re located! You can schedule the lights to switch on automatically and welcome the people who enter the space. Plus, you can even save energy by setting your system to switch off lights in vacant rooms!

Savant Climate control works seamlessly, and its easy control allows you to adjust the thermostat remotely so people can stay comfortable during their workout session.

The Whole Property Audio-Video feature lets you play music that enhances people’s workout and pumps up their energy.

Security Solutions

We provide simple yet effective door entry systems at fitness centers and gyms that allow for a frequent flow of people so your employees can focus on enhancing customer service instead of wasting a lot of time seeing who enters and leaves the facility. Other security solutions include –

  • Video Security – Protect your visitors with a powerful security system. You can even get alerts if there’s any unauthorized movement around your fitness center on your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Physical Security – Lock up your fitness center automatically when you leave and get alerts if a door is left unlocked or if there’s any unauthorized entry.
  • Rental – Secure certain areas of your fitness center with automatic door locks that notify you if someone attempts to enter unlawfully.

Better Network

Prevent dropped calls and unsent text messages at your fitness center by boosting the cell phone signals. We provide SureCall cellphone boosters to fitness centers to enhance the text, voice, and 4G LTE signals for T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and all other US carriers.

Contact Digital Living Today!

If you run a fitness center, you need to provide a comfortable environment to your customers. At the same time, you need to restrict access to your members and make sure that non-members don’t enter the premises.
At Digital Living, we offer a number of solutions to help you beef up security and enhance customer experience at your fitness center. Contact us today to get these solutions installed in your facility.
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