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Improve patient care, save costs and save your staff’s valuable time with healthcare automation solutions from Digital Living. Replace manual processes with automated ones via our special systems and software.

Fitness Center

Bring in new leads and prospects at your fitness center with our fitness center technology services. Manage daily member interactions and remain focused on positive guest interactions. Grow your fitness center by making smart, data driven decisions. Our software and tech solutions can give you a complete view of your club’s health.

Night Clubs

Competing with several other night clubs on your block? Increase traffic by creating a unique experience for members using our night club automation services. We can automate your ambience, audio, video and give you fast and easy control over the entire establishment. Run the entire thing from your smart device no matter where you are.


Reduce costs and increase efficiency in your restaurants with our restaurant automation solutions. Streamline stock and inventory operations, improve the way orders are taken, get detailed reports on business growth and simplify vendor management at the same time.

Sporting Venues

Take control of fan experiences with our automation solutions for sporting venues. At Digital Living, we deliver safe, top of the line and connected in-venue experiences that can make your venue stand out. Elevate convenience and deliver the best brand experiences to strengthen relations with fan bases.


Achieve new productivity levels, reliability and energy efficiency with our automation solutions for contractors. Reduce risks with pre-programmed controls that are designed specifically to remain compatible with existing systems. Make your job easier and your clients happier at the same time.

Home Builder

Need to build a smart home for a customer? At Digital Living, we have a whole suite of automation and tech services that can meet your clients’ exacting needs. This includes custom lighting solutions, security systems, audio/video solutions and other tech solutions that can attract more clients and ensure projects are completed on time.

Interior Designers

When it comes to interior design, ambience is everything. Smart home technology is not just considered to be an upgrade. It has become an expected feature in homes. By joining Digital Living as a partner, you can meet the demands of new home buyers and ensure they can manage and control all of their devices on a single system.


Developing a new project without home automation seems absurd and unproductive to say the least. Introduce our home and business automation solutions to your clients to improve their quality of life. Partner with us to plan integrated solutions that can allow them to program and control their environment.
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