Don’t Be Fooled About Your Internet Providers WiFi or the Latest DIY Whole House Wireless Gadgets

Ever get frustrated by losing connection while roaming the house…or when you venture outside? That’s why you need a mesh network, but not one of those plug-in-play setups. Not all Mesh networks provide the same coverage and speeds….

Everything needs a connection in your home…literally. And with all those devices needing a pathway to the internet you will need robust wireless access to accommodate throughput. That is why its imperative to have a WiFi pro assess your needs and provide the appropriate equipment. An added benefit is also a always having your network up and monitored.

Having a professional integration company like Digital Living build a robust wireless network is the most sound investment you can make towards the technology in your home, It will also relieve a tremendous amount of stress with loss of internet connectivity.

If you’re using one of these that CNET recommends in the linked article and you are experiencing slow, or poor coverage, then you are now at the point to invest in a robust mesh network installed by Digital Living. Derich Marsh, Founder of Digital Living.

The ideal smart home has changed a lot over the last few years, from a few smart bulbs and a thermostat to video doorbells and robotic lawnmowers. With an ever-growing number of connected devices in your home, there is an obvious bottleneck that can occur: Wi-Fi reliability. The more devices you pile onto your network and the more widespread throughout your home they are, the more you’ll notice holes in your Wi-Fi coverage. This is the one thing every smart home needs

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