Trying to Play Sonos in a Zone But Have No Sound From Port or Connect?

Sonos Port or Connect 

Sonos Port and Connect integrate into your existing stereo equipment and stream audio from the AV receiver or amp. This means that these products need to be wired to a third-party device, like a stereo receiver, like a Denon or Marantz, to output audio. If you aren’t getting sound from your Port or Connect, this article will provide some common solutions.


Check the Volume

Depending on the Line-Out Level setting of your stereo equipment, you may need to adjust the volume in both the Sonos app and on your AV receiver or dedicated amp.

To check your Line-Out Level setting:

  1. Open the Sonos app for iOS or Android.
  2. From the Settings tab, tap System.
  3. Tap the room with your Port or Connect, then tap Line-Out Levels.

FIXED – If you have your Line-Out Level set to Fixed, you will need to adjust the volume on the receiver or device that you have connected to Port or Connect.

VARIABLE – If the Line-Out Level is set to Variable or Pass-Through, try adjusting the volume on both the AV receiver or multi-channel amp and in the Sonos app. Try adjusting the AV or amp volume first, then the Sonos app volume.


Check The Input On Your AV Receiver

Check that your AV receiver or amp volume is set to the input that Sonos is connected to. Make sure that the Sonos app shows that something is playing as well. Meaning, watch the progress of the song move or check other zones for audio.


Check the Physical Connections

Check the audio cable from the Sonos device. They are usually red and white (right and left) and that is the OUTPUT to the INPUT of the AV receiver. So if you’re playing Sonos through your existing system, make sure the connections go from the OUT plugs on Sonos to an IN on your AV receiver or Amp.

LINE-IN Turntables, CD Players, Etc

Are you playing another device through your Sonos systems, like a turntable or CD player, or another mobile device? If you double check to make sure the device is connected to the plugs labeled IN on the back of Sonos. Then, select Line-In as the source in the Sonos app.

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