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Crestron Home By Digital Living

Each home is as unique as the lives lived there. Crestron brings your idea of a home to life. Your home is inviting and comfortable, entertaining, and secure. Crestron Home and you make this possible with smart a home technology that is intuitive, simple, and instantly responsive to touch or the sound of your voice. A complete Crestron smart home system engineered by Digital Living® that is seamless in your home, so all that remains is the experience. Your experience. Your home. Just as you imagined.

Set the Mood - Lighting Control

Cooking for the family, a formal dinner, a movie night, or away from home? Lighting sets the tone and lighting scenes can be used to keep burglars away. Your Crestron Home lighting control system dims at your command, brightens at your touch, and allows you to tune the color and set the scene. With a simple push of a button or voice control, say“goodnight” and the lights shut. And every option comes with a warranty that ensures quality and durability.

Embrace All Seasons With Smart Climate Control

Warm your house on your way home, or cool each room individually. A Crestron Home climate control system responds to your every need, whether or not you’re at home or away. Pre-program your home to change with the seasons or simply the time of day with a touch of a button or by voice. Instantly and seamlessly, a Crestron climate system designed and installed by Digital Living will enhance your life.

Whole Property Audio Video

Movie night, sitting by the fire or pool party, a Crestron Home AV system designed by Digital Living makes it easy to watch or play your music where ever you are.

Movie Night – One click will and your lights dim, the projector or TV starts, the screen drops and you are ready to be entertained.

Dinner Party – Start the party off with music in any or all of your home and easily control it from your mobile or a tablet.

Pool Party – Take your music outdoors to the patio or the pool, or watch the big game, all with a simple click of a button.

Crestron Home Shades

Your Crestron Home shades installed by Digital Living will bathe your rooms in the soft morning light, or protect your home from the noon sun. Your smart shades respond to your every command with whisper-quiet ease. Of course, style is at the heart so curtains, rollers, shades, blinds, sheers, romans and drapes come in a myriad of fabrics, colors, and textures. Each unique because it’s made to your specifications. See our collection or choose a fabric of your own. All come with a lifetime warranty that ensures quality and durability. Read more.

Home Theater

Have Digital Living design and build your dream home theater, or just upgrade your living room theater. We have over 75 years of combined experience in emerging audio and video technologies that we bring to every project. Your Crestron Home system will easily control your theater with on click of a button or voice command.

Go Mobile

The Crestron Home mobile app allows you to completely control all accepts or your home while home or away. Turn on or off all lights from anywhere in the world. Monitor cameras, adjust the temperature, close the garage door, lock all doors that have smart locks installed, and turn off the lights using your iOS or Android mobile device.

Let's Plan Your Crestron Smart Home Today!

Every Crestron Smart Home by Digital Living is tailored to fit into the lifestyle of the homeowner. We will work closely with you to create a smart home solution that best matches your lifestyle and budget. It’s more affordable than you would think. You can get started with a Digital Living Smart Home package for just $600 MSRP*.
Start in one room, perhaps an entertainment set-up for your family room, and then add on a lighting package when your needs change. Or install a package that will encompass your whole home.
Start planning your Crestron Smart Home today with the highest-rated smart home pro in the business – Digital Living!
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