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Digital Living-Sonos HD – Streaming High-Def Audio via Deezer

Do you want better sounding music on your already super cool Sonos System? Of course you do. Deezer Elite is now available in beta—and only on Sonos products. The new service offers millions of FLAC files in high-definition audio (16-bit, 44.1kHz, lossless). This means that the tracks are on par with CD, so it’s not

Logitech Debuts Harmony Home Automation – Harmony Living Home

At Digital Living our customers come first and we arent here to just sell gear to them. We want all of our customers to be able to control their Digital Living installed, or integrated equipment with ease. We use Harmony remotes for the more “basic” systems that don’t need advanced programming and our clients seem


Sonos Pros – Digital Living Sonoma | Napa | Marin

  What is Sonos Sonos is a wireless HiFi system that unites your digital music collection and streaming services,  in one, easy to use app that is controlled from any network connected device.  If you have ever wanted a wireless, multi-zone audio system in your home or business, but thought is was too expensive or

Sonoma Home Theaters-Audio Video-Data Networking

  Sonoma Home Theater – Audio Video – Wired – Wireless Pro’s Digital Living is Sonoma’s first choice for home theaters, multizone audio, TV wall mounting and more..Digital Living has been a local Sonoma resident for over 35 years and has worked with Sonoma general contractors, remodeling professionals, architects, business and home owners to deliver

Winner of the Contractor of the Year

Winner of Best Contractor of the Year –  Digital Living – Sonoma Napa Marin Digital Living is proud to announce that it has won the prestigious Contractor of the Year Award from HomeAdvisor. Contractor of the Year – Digital Living Inc. has been chosen because they exemplify quality work practices, premier service, and are a