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Affordable Green Technology | Digital Living

We all want to do our part to help the environment, but sometimes our budgets simply don’t allow it. Here are some eco-friendly changes you can make around your home that won’t break the bank. Smart Thermostats Have you ever realized how crazy it is to leave the heat on after you vacate the house?

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Securing Your Home & With Nest Cam

Worried for your safety while you are sound asleep? Thinking about what is going on at home when you’re away? The Nest Cam Indoor security camera is here to back you up 24hrs a day, 7 days a week without missing a glimpse in super clear 1080p HD.   With its high profile specifications and

Control Spotify From Your Sonos App | Digital Living

  Love Spotify? Now enjoy all of your personalized Spotify playlists without ever opening your Sonos app. Cool Right? Sonos just announce that you can now stream Spotify to your Sonos speakers directly from within the Spotify app. Your music follows along. Send the music from your headphones to any Sonos speaker in your house. Very

White Sonos Subwoofer Available | Digital Living

Sonos White Subwoofer Will Tastefully Accent Your Room SUB is the Sonos wireless subwoofer, an invaluable addition for any wireless music or home theater setup demanding enhanced low end. Call Digital Living The Sonos Pros – Digital Living is Sonos Authorized and is the Most Preferred Sonos Installation Company. Layers on jaw-dropping bass to any

Apple Music Now on Sonos | Digital Living – Sonoma, Napa, Marin

Enjoy Apple Music on your Sonos speakers. Stream music selected from over 30 million tracks by artists, deejays and Apple Music experts. Have it installed by Digitalliving.com – The Sonos Pros Songs handpicked for you. Get just about every song ever recorded—and the experts to recommend the right ones for you, based on what you

Apple Music Coming To Sonos

Apple Music is Now Available on your Sonos speakers. Join the public beta program and stream music selected from over 30 million tracks by artists, deejays and Apple Music experts on your Sonos System. Digital Living is an award winning Sonos Integrator in the San Francisco Bay area. A public beta of Apple Music on Sonos

OnHub – Google

Nowe Meet OnHub, a new router from Google that’s built for all the ways you Wi-Fi. As we rely on wifi more and more..Phones, tablets, and computers, TV boxes, home security systems, thermostats, coffeemakers, and home-automation products, need I continue?..the need for a solid wireless solution in the home is key. One initial problem with

Denon and Control4 Partnership To Increase Smart Offerings

Two major players in the home theater and smart home market are joining forces to streamline integration among products, while increasing options for builders and integrators. Control4 and Denon have been in the forefront of home theater – audio and smart home control for years and now they have entered a partnership to open Denon’s smart