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Upgrade and Secure Your Space Trusted and Affordable Security and Technology Solutions in Granite Bay

Even though Granite Bay is safer than 77% of US cities, it doesn’t mean that you’re completely safe from trespassers or break-ins. At Digital Living, we provide an extensive range of automating and security technology solutions in Granite Bay that can make your life super easy and convenient.

Our team of experts has over thirty years of experience that you can depend on. We have complete knowledge of what businesses and homeowners in Granite Bay need and can advise you on the best services you should opt for.

What We Offer

Digital Living is a top-rated Audio Video, Smart Home, and Security engineering team in California. We are a licensed contractor in California, insured and bonded with decades of experience.

From Class A commercial buildings to high-end customized homes, we provide our customers with the most innovative and state-of-the-art technology solutions that upgrade their living standards.

Smart Home Solutions

We can develop a smart home that fits your lifestyle without putting a dent in your pocket. Our Digital Living Smart Home provides incredible levels of security, convenience, and comfort. With a single system operating vital elements of your home, it won’t just become a more fun place to live in, but even safe from external threats.

Audio-Video Solutions

We can even integrate your Creston Home System with your Sonos smart speaker system. With this technology, you can play your music through every room in your house with only a single touch. Now all you have to do is pick your favourite playlist and enjoy the music as you lounge in your living room or cook in your kitchen.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Our smart home solutions let you take control of the lighting in your home. This way, you can switch the lights on and off remotely and even set the mood by reducing and lowering light intensity with just a touch of a button. Your smart light system will immediately know when you leave your home, so it’ll switch off the lights and help you cut down on your energy bill!

Modern Networking Solutions

We are highly experienced in developing and supporting business-class IT systems, such as wireless networks, and we provide this experience to every home we work with in Granite Bay. Our solutions will ensure every device in your home accesses the network seamlessly.

State of the Art Security Solutions

At Digital Living, we install smart locks in Granite Bay homes and businesses so you can enjoy convenience and security with electronic and keyless solutions. Moreover, you can even use our video surveillance solutions to keep your business, home, and family safe. See who’s visiting your home or workplace on your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

Redefine Your Life

We love taking up challenges, so there really isn’t any project that’s too tough for us! The truth is we have been able to develop a relationship of trust with every client who has come our way.

If you have any specific requirements regarding technology and automating solutions in Granite Bay, speak to our team today!

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